Accessing tThick

Tthick is an option on the main menu from pressing Q



What is tThick?

Tthick is one of the modal operators in Hard Ops intended to use a solidify modifier in a modal manner. This tool is intended to behave as an object level extrude.

tThick use case

If the mesh is undefined:

Q >> tThick

If the mesh is csharp / cstep:

Q >> Operations >> tThick


In the above example I reset the sstatus to undefined and used tthick to thicken the mesh. From there I was able to use the boolean hotkey to cut into the main mesh.

tThick Detailed Usage

When pressing H during a modal the help will be displayed.


When using tThick the following hotkeys apply:

  • R - turns on rim for solidify (useful for cases where the mesh needs to only look thick)
  • 1 - sets offset to 1. Makes mesh sit on top of itself.
  • 2 - sets offset to 0. This pushes the mesh in and out at the same time.
  • 3 - opposite of 1. Pushes mesh down itself.
  • Ctrl - changes offset manually. Rare usage.



Offset Example


tThick tips

tThick to panel cut

Having a pending boolean sets your mesh into what is called a boolshape. The icon in the corner will be green. tthick

This means the Q menu will have the boolshape menu of:

  • bWidth
  • tThick
  • qArray

tThick has the interesting effect of turning a boolean into a panel cut.