Blender 2.78+

The official version on the website is always supported first and foremost but the developments also cover buildbot.

Hard Ops Installation

  1. Download Hard Ops

  2. Unzip folder to global path (recommended)

  3. instead of blender's own install location use the one on your PC created by Blender.
  4. ex: C:/Users/USER/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.78/scripts/addons/
  5. install from file has issues occasionally with releases it is not recommended

  6. Locate the Addon "Hard Ops" and enable it.


  1. Set Up Addon preferences and click save user settings (ensures enabled next open)


Always save user prefs using the button below or they wont be enabled next open.

Detailed Install Instructions

Windows 10 / 7

When using Blender a folder is created deeply in your PC for add-ons. Putting it
here instead of the branch you are using ensures the next updates also have it

C:/Users/ USERNAME /AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/ 2.XX /scripts/addons


Locate Blender in your applications folder

RMB on the blender.app and select show package contents


I assume linux users know their PC.

~/.config/blender/ 2.XX /scripts/addons


Q: I can't install Hard Ops 9!

Make sure you copied the contents of the zip into the directory mentioned above. Also try reopening blender. Install from file does not work most of the time so manual installation is recommended.

Q: Hard Ops won't enable!

Try reopening Blender! Also check installation. Hard Ops latest version only works with Blender 2.78 and above. The api changes before will cause issues with old blender.

Q: The prefs panel wont show the add on I have it installed help! Omygerd!

The way the addons are detected is the naming.

Running the following line in the script editor of blender will show all enabled add ons and their name in the system.


If the naming is not exact this will cause issues. Just rename the .py to resolve the issue.

The naming is as follows.

Also the above texts are hyperlinks to their locations.