Circular Array

Circular array can be found in the modifiers section of hard ops Q menu.


After adding additional segments can be added with array and distance adjusted with displace.


There is a ctrl + click 3d cursor circular array which was intended for assistance with things like Boxcutter.


The 3rd state will not use the 3d cursor and will launch the user into displace allowing for quick positioning.


At this time adjustment is done via array and displace modifier modals. This will be streamlined in the future but for now our next feature will have to do.

Circular Array w/ hopsTool

When using hopsTool you can add circular array to any object and adjust it using dots.


How Circular Array works.

  • array with count driving rotation of empty using a driver
  • empty is parented to the main object

This is due to a change in cyclic dependency issues thanks to the new depsgraph update.

Below is a video about circular array before the tool was added. Our goal was to have boxcutter shift to live with this type of circular array. Now it is a reality.