Insert System

Inserts have been handed off to Kitops from 2.8 onward.

For those who miss the inserts we do offer classic inserts for Kitops . header

Kitops w/ hardOps

When Kitops free or pro is installed a new button is added to the main Q menu.

Kitops can also be accessed from the mini helper. And the N panel kitops area not to mention the kitops N panel. header

The hardops version of the Kitops panel also has the mod sorting at the bottom for easier access than prefs.


KitOps Popup Update

The kitops popup can now allow for sort modifiers to be turned off. This is essential for non destructive workflows. Sorting will mess up all the work you have done.

Here you can see sorting making inserting a mess.



Without sorting I am able to continue working non destructively without sorting making the stack turn inside out which can be a nightmare if you have 60+ mods!