What is sketchOps?

When 2.8 added grease pencil sketch support it became apparent a few additions would be needed to make it usable for rapid concepting.

Below is a video of that in action.

We have plans to expand on this idea in the future however for now Quickdraw by: alksndr is sufficient for grease pencil shape exploration. We at TeamC support and recommend his product.

Grease Pencil Support

In addition to having the helper fully support materials and modifiers for grease pencil we also added a couple of new operators.

In the Q menu the following have been added.

  • Copy / Move – just makes a copy and moves the object during draw. Comes in handy for making quick variants in a row.

  • Surface Offset – allows for drawing on the surfaces of objects easier.

  • Mirror Gizmo – Press Alt + X to mirror. (symmetry not supported yet)