2d Bevel

What is 2d Bevel?

2d Bevel is a modified version of bwidth that is specialized for 2d shapes.

2d Bevel in action

In the following example I used the knife followed with bevel to face deletion in order to put some spacing in the model. Afterwards I used the 2d bevel then tThick.


90% of the time this tool is followed with tThick

2d Bevel use cases

Bevelling 2d shapes -


It's important to note that useless geo gets dissolved. Same with cleanMesh(E), it is not recommended to be used in places where the geometry is specific.

After initial setup it is able to also be adjusted via bwidth.


Enabling 2d Bevel

This option may be pro level option. So if it is not seen in operations, enable pro mode in preferences.