Csharpen Advanced

To best understand Csharpen in action it’s best to see and use the tool on something simple to understand how it applies to you.

Csharp In action


In this example I csharpened the main cube then added a duplicate and used the booltool shortcut of ctrl + (numpad -) to cut the cube into the first one. Then with the primary object selected I used Csharpen to apply the shape while respecting the modfiers in place in order to calculate the new bevelling information as I worked.

So now the settings have been covered lets see it in action once more.


After setting up Csharpen I was able to cut the shape and mirror it while also doing subsequent cuts on the object to get additional detail. The important thing to note is how I don’t need any additonal UI or buttons. There is hardly a need for the modifier panel or even the T panel. The goal is to make the workflow fast and efficient.