Using The Add-On

Below is an image of the plugin being enabled and configured. The main thing is to check the addons tab to ensure all required plugins are present. Hard Ops is able to be used without it however it does affect what options are available.


UI Tab

UI Tab

  • Pro Mode - this enables additional options that will be explained throughout the guide. Leaving this unchecked is recommended for beginners however enabling it enables all the options.
  • Extra Options - this is a series of options ranging from right handed mirroring to additional pie menu preferences such as a ghost button and the addition of the F6 menu. The F6 pie options is enabled by default. So really extra options is just for pie menu users.
  • Pie: F6 Option at Top - adds F6 to the top of the pie menu. Enabled by default.

Pie F6

  • Pie: Add Boolean Options - adds boolean options to the pie menu for cases in which more than 1 mesh is selected.

Pie Bool

  • Asset Manager Expansion - for those who purchased the asset manager have the option to allow it to connect to hard ops for easier usage. This options is considered depreciated and may be changed in future releases.

Drawing Tab


  • Enable tool overlays - enables the display of the drawing notification system we use for operators. Csharpen / SSharpen / Cstep / Sstep / Merge / Mirror all have a notification drawing system to allow you to see what is going on and then proceed with working.

Here’s an example of the drawing system as of version 8 of Hard Ops.

Below are 3 buttons for themes you can use for Hard Ops.

  • Hard Ops - My theme for Hard Ops. The default color system.
  • AR - Adrian’s Theme for Hard Ops. He uses a much plainer system of display with his hard ops.
  • Themegrabber - My favorite. This one will color Hard Ops according to your personal theme. I recommend clicking this then saving user settings so the theme is based on you.

You also can set the colors yourself manually and we have put forth many options to customize. The idea was to make this something you can customize and make your own.


This area contains just a note from me.

Keymap Tab

This area tells you that Q is the basis of Hard Ops and that is pretty much it there.


In the rare event you need to change the keymap you can drag the file into a text editor and edit the hotkey. Or use the button like the following gif.

The hotkeys as of this writing are.

  • Q - Hard Ops Menu
  • Shift + Q - Hard Ops Pie Menu (may be changed in the future)
  • Ctrl + ~ - Modifier/Material/Misc Helper

Add Ons Tab

Hard Ops has become great due to the support of many great tools already existing that are used to minimize certain tasks. Clicking these buttons will link you to downloading them.