Hard Ops Introduction GuideΒΆ


This guide is intended to explain the basics and ideas behind Hard Ops and give some insight to its intentions and future plans.

Hard Ops intiailly began as a collaboration between myself and AR however over time, it has expanded to encompass a team from all over the world.

The goals initially were to make a tool that would make our personal lives easier when it came to modelling. But this expanded to be an entire workflow.

Now the goal of Hard Ops can be simplified into one line.

Hard Surface modelling and workflow assistance. A helping hand.


There is no magic button. It won’t make a better artist. All our tool can do is enable you to be the maximum you.


HardOps also has an older wiki. Version 8 was out at the time I was writing this.

I hope that this guide answers more questions than it asks and makes the experience of using HardOps as easy as possible. I also hope it can give some insight into our hard surface process as well as indicate ideas for future plans and developments.


I would have never been able to make it to where it if not for the team. They are the driving force behind the development and without a team the work would not have been possible. The collaborative nature of the team and the willingness to invest time has been astounding and has helped this project live far longer than even I initially expected.